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Application Techniques

Start with dry, styled hair. Using the sifter cap on the fiber bottle lightly shake fibers into areas of thinning hair.

Gently Brush
After you are done applying SureThik® fibers to desired areas, gently brush or pat down any visible, excess fibers through your hair.

Lock & Shine
Use our SureThik® Holding Spray to lock in the fibers for all day wear and provide a natural shine.

Patent Pending SureThik® Twist-On Spray Applicator

3 Applicator Nozzles to choose from:
Choose your nozzle depending on how much coverage you need and where you need it.

Quick and Easy
As simple as point and squeeze. All it takes is a few pumps and you’re done.

Even Coverage
Disperses the fibers evenly while blending into your own hair perfectly for natural looking coverage every time.

Patented Gravity Based Design
Ensures even and consistent flow right down to the last fiber.